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mercredi 1 août 2018

1st Edition:TransitionMonacoForum.

1st edition of the

26-27 June 2018.


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Richard Attias, Executive Chairman of talks about how is action oriented, powered by local food & energy efficient lights & AV with all furniture donated to NGOs post event.

Richard Attias co-launches the Transition Monaco Forum.

"Transition Monaco Forum is the new global platform dedicated to accompanying and accelerating the ecological and energy transition across all sectors and industries.
In response to the ambitious objectives set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Agreement and the One Planet Summit, Transition Monaco Forum aims to act as a catalyst for change.
Through a multi-stakeholder approach, the goals are:
  • To gather a European hub of investors dedicated to funding the transition 
  • To Scale-up and improve today’s clean technologies reconciling prosperity and sustainability 
  • To foster multi-stakeholder coalitions and actions 
Under the theme “reinventing business models” the first edition of Transition Monaco Forum will mobilize key multi-stakeholder to find concrete solutions for countries and industries to flourish while preserving our planet for future generations."

H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince Albert II, Prince of Monaco and Chair of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sustainability and Legacy Commission speaks of Monaco as a leader of transition in the fight against climate change at the Transition Monaco Forum. Learn more as he announces a unique global partnership between the IOC and C40 to organize sustainable Olympic Games.
"I'am counting on the to contribute to our common goal to offer a new horizon for this planet and its inhabitants," said H.S.H. Prince Albert II, who is leading to a .

Lu Huiying, Consul General of China in Marseille, spoke about China's commitment to building an ecological civilisation and develop sustainably 🇨🇳

Gunter Pauli, businessman and renowned author of the Blue Economy says, when speaking of climate change and how to fight it, “We must inspire children to make lasting change." He adds, "We need to work with what the Earth is already producing—we cannot expect the Earth to produce more.
Gunter Pauli

Transforming the
Bernard Fautrier, ,  Gilles Lecaillon,
Marc Simon,  Julien Topenot,  Paul Holthus .

Who are the new actors of the clean economy?

“Green is profitable. Every year, the world invests $300 billion in because there are proven returns said of on a panel about new actors in the

« We are thinking to 2020, 2030, 2040
new is changing the face of stock exchanges👉we are supportive of exchanges ourselves » ,

Panel Talking about solutions that can be developped at  »
Olivier Biancarelli of of Rinat Guy of & of

sont les plus touchés par 👉 
travaille à aider les 👉, par exemple, en travaillant & partenaires à créer pour les femmes!

The inaugural Transition Monaco Forum, an action-oriented global platform
dedicated to accelerating and accompanying the ecological and energy transition, concluded on June 27th with a clear message 
we must act today to move toward a zero-carbon economy and preserve
our planet for future generations.

“The environmental transition is now, and we are at a particularly important moment in history—we are
in a battle against global warming which we cannot afford to lose,” said Lionel le Maux, President of
Aqua Asset Management and Co-founder of Transition Monaco Forum. “We’ve succeeded in forming a
community of key stakeholders from diverse industries, sectors and countries dedicated to accelerating
the environmental transition. The ultimate success of this Forum will depend on the concrete actions that
evolve — in financing, new products, and new technologies — from the dialogue and collaborations
initiated at this Forum. We invite everyone to come back to Monaco in June 2019 and report back on
their progress over the coming year.”
Nearly 500 participants and over 100 speakers from 43 countries — including government and business
leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, top experts, and members of civil society — gathered on June 26 and
27 in Monaco to debate the theme “reinventing business models” to combine economic viability and

Gunter Pauli & Morgane BRAVO.

Gunter Pauli, Gilles Lecaillon.

Congratulations👉The 1st edition of the in was a great success!👍 👏☘️ Prince Albert ll de Monaco

Fondatrice du HUB (2006)

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