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mardi 23 novembre 2010

*The biggest loser...*

Dear Friend,

One thing is for certain: you're angry. When I tallied the votes for the 2010 Snake Oil Awards, 
I found myself nodding my head as I read your comments. Massey Energy, API, Koch 
Industries and BP America spew lies so they can pollute the air and line their pockets with profits.

Each of the four nominees received a large number of votes, but now it's time to announce
 the "winner" It's Koch Industries -- the notorious pipeline and refinery company that 
pours money into groups that defend the interests of big oil.

Here are the final vote totals for our four nominees:

Koch Industries: 5,552 votes (42%)
BP: 5,119 votes (39%)
API: 1,347 votes (10%)
Massey Energy: 1,216 votes (9%)

We set out to determine the worst offender so we could spread the word about this dirty energy 
company's history of pollution and lies.

That's why we made this site: KochIndustriesFacts.com

KochIndustriesFacts.com is a catalog of lies and environmental offenses by Koch Industries 
and its owners, the brothers Charles and David Koch. What we've listed on the site is just the
 beginning. Click around for a bit, and if you see something that's missing, make sure to let us
 know by submitting your own facts about Koch Industries.

Over the years, Koch Industries has spent nearly 50 million dollars funding climate change
 deniers, while running a very environmentally dangerous company at a high profit. So I'm sure
 there are new facts for you to add based on their long history of wrongdoing.

Can you help us spread the word about Koch Industries by sharing this website on Facebook and 
Twitter? Your help will go a long way in making sure Koch Industries is exposed to the American

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Thanks for all that you do,

Dave Boundy
Campaign Manager
Repower America

Bien à vous,
Morgane BRAVO

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