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mardi 29 juin 2010

*WHY CLEAN ENERGY? : Revitalize the Economy...*


***Studies show that comprehensive clean energy and climate policies can generate a net increase of 1.7 million new American jobs — jobs that can’t be outsourced and that use the skills of today’s workers. Repowering America with clean energy would also revitalize our manufacturing sector, providing a needed boost to the U.S. automotive industry and to states that are struggling from the loss of factories and mills during the recent economic downturn.

Repowering America with a clean energy economy will also put more of our hard-earned money back into the pockets of working families. With new comprehensive clean energy policies, American households could start seeing savings within just a few years, and these savings could reach an average of $900 per household per year by 2030. Shifting to clean renewable energy sources available here in the U.S. — like the sun and the wind — will also help release us from the grip of volatile energy prices. Coupled with energy efficiency measures, Americans could start to see immediate savings.

Right now, the world’s leading economies and companies are engaged in a race to develop new 21st century technologies to support a global clean energy future. If we want to remain competitive in the global economy, the United States needs to lead this effort — but we are currently lagging behind. Other countries are sharpening their competitive edge already: General Motors uses a Korean company to supply the battery cells for the new electric Chevrolet Volt vehicle – because the most advanced technology of this kind comes from Korean manufacturers — not American manufacturers. With an eye towards the future, China has adopted the most aggressive energy efficiency program in the world, providing incentives and support to rapidly grow their own domestic clean energy economy. America is founded on a spirit of ingenuity, innovation, and hard work. Americans should be leading the transition to a global clean energy future. It’s time to Repower America.

Repower America

***What is Repower America?

Launched in 2008 in a pioneering speech by Al Gore that hit the reset button on America’s clean energy goals, Repower America was first introduced as a bold plan to “repower” our country with 100% clean electricity and revitalize our national energy infrastructure. At its core, Repower America stands for the importance of investing in energy efficiency; clean, renewable and diversified energy sources; a unified national smart energy grid that connects these renewable energy sources to every part of the country; and clean car technology.

In his Repower America speech, Vice President Gore linked America’s current national security, economic and environmental crises to our dangerous over-reliance on carbon-based fuels. Reducing this dependence on foreign oil by investing in renewable energy sources here at home presents a solution common to all three problems. New clean energy jobs in a new clean energy future will repower America – creating millions of new jobs, hastening our economic recovery, strengthening our national security and preserving our planet for future generations. With a clean energy economy, everybody wins.

Building on this momentum, the Alliance for Climate Protection launched the Repower America campaign to galvanize the American public around a bold new clean energy plan and a revitalized national energy infrastructure that will:
Jumpstart our economy and create millions of jobs;
Help end our dependence on foreign oil;
Reward innovation and job creation, not polluters; and
Help solve the climate crisis.

Efforts to secure passage of comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation that supports Repower America’s objectives are conducted by the Alliance’s sister nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, the Climate Protection Action Fund.
Join the movement to transition America to a clean energy economy and help solve the climate crisis.


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